Driving Sustainable PEACE Plus Environmental Programmes

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PEACE Plus Environmental programmes, sustaining our business and building friendships and networks.

In September our Northern Ireland offices hosted the Kilkenny crew as we travelled up the country and across the border. Our objective was to host a series of Lunch and Learn sessions focusing on the PEACE Plus environmental sector of the themes. We had great conversations and reconnected with old clients as well as PEACE Plus animators. All the themes were discussed from Building peaceful and growing communities to Working together. The scope for great work is a broad as your imagination will allow. The team is excited to see what will develop in that space.

We have a specific interest in the need for activation within the PEACE Plus environmental and sustainability remits. Our live biological water analysis and eLearning toolkits which we are very proud of, were really well received. However the biggest issue for those attending was the tracking and reporting in real time and that’s where our software, Veri, comes into it’s own. Our demonstration showed how Veri can become a digital team member making the load lighter all round.


October kicked off with another opportunity to reconnect. We left PEACE Plus environmental themes behind and travelled back down south to the capital.  This time it was to regroup with 140 impressive female entrepreneurs at the Going for Growth Forum. These ladies have either already developed and are maintaining business across Northern Ireland and the Uk, or that’s the goal they are working tirelessly towards. The shared wisdom in the room was as powerful as three active years of problem solving in real business situations. 

The Going for Growth group focus on the sustainability goals and the environmental aspect of running a thriving business in the current climate. Supply chains, logistics, price of energy and the ethical obligations were all worries and fears. The reaction to the sustainable goals was so empowering – with dozens of businesses like our own focusing on a better future through a greener approach.

Aebhin Cawley was an impressive participant that springs to mind. Scott Cawley Ltd is one of Ireland’s most prominent and successful ecological consultancies. Anyone working in that field is well educated on all the environmental aspects that must be taken into consideration for every enterprise. Another inspiring participant is Pat Kane. The Vision at Reuzi is

 To be a social business that inspires you to be a better human.

We want you to make real, tangible difference to the environmental crisis.

Like the ecologists on our team Pat doesn’t just pay these sustainable goals and environmental issues lip service. She practices what she preaches and is a powerhouse when it comes to making a difference. Her vision is aspirational.

PEACE Plus environmental

Enterprise Ireland’s International Market’s week rounds out the trio of events all of which had environmental sustainability as their focus. Attendees were able to drop into the Global Ambition lounge and meet  with specialist advisors to drill into specific areas of interest such as sustainability, digitalisation and driving competitiveness. 

It has been quite a busy part of the year and there have been many great conversations around sustainability and environmental factors for both us as a growing business and as a service provider. Many of the PEACE Plus themes strongly identify the need specifically about the need for connection with the environment and sustainability. At Veri Connect we are connectors. Connection is at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s through connecting the  many communities we serve with our in depth knowledge or the process of linking data to the projects for compliance and management purposes.