What we Do


We enable companies and empower communities to undertake ambitious programmes reassured that Veri Connect will manage the complexities.


Biodiversity Training Programmes

We elevate biodiversity programmes by supplying place based learning, supported with online toolkits.  Our in-house team of ecologists and technologists create, deliver and report, removing all the complexities associated with monitoring and managing large programme engagements.

Wellness Through Nature

Our LANTRA accredited or specially curated training programmes range from a one off, ecologist led, wellness walk to a full training course. Aimed at corporate business as well as public sector organisations, we provide the participants with skills to tap into nature as a resource in maintaining good mental health.

Economic Development & Social Inclusion

We offer a suite of e-learning solutions to upskill your team and to implement your Social Inclusion Strategy. Our Employability and digital skills packages can make a real difference to businesses, individuals, groups and communities.  Delivered, monitored and managed digitally to evidence successful outcomes.

Further Education and Schools

We have worked with education providers and PEACE officers to supply digital content, in person engagement, monitoring and tracking of large education delivery programmes. Shared learning through digital innovation has led to national awards for the team at Veri Connect. 

We enable effective programme delivery and compliance in a sustainable way through digitisation. Sustainability is core to our work.  We are passionate about making the communities and businesses we serve more environmentally responsible and reducing the paper associated with training delivery contributes to that.

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