Providing Innovative
Biodiversity Training


Veri Connect

Our Award Winning Software is Just the Beginning......

We are a team of ecologists and technologists that provide digitally enhanced, practical, place-based and blended learning to community groups, farmers, businesses and individuals.

We can help you, the provider, streamline governmental contracts and accredited programme delivery.

Our project management expertise and our digital innovation allows us to do the heavy lifting when it comes to the delivery of successful training outcomes. We  help our clients to deliver on time, within budget and provide everything you need for your programme management and reporting. 

Success through Partnership

As an experienced programme management company, here at Veri Connect, we recognise our partners specialist knowledge and passion.

We know that our partners want to empower their communities in the area of climate action, sustainability and biodiversity. In order to undertake ambitious programmes Veri Connect will support and resource you with our experts and award winning software. 

Our Values

Sustainability is Core

In removing paperwork from compliance and spreading awareness around biodiversity we are passionate about making the communities and businesses we serve more green in their approach.

Change is Beautiful

We are lean and dynamic and can adapt to changing environments. This agile approach allows us to effectively support our clients and makes us resilient when faced with challenges.

Everyone Counts

We value, appreciate and respect everyone we engage with both in house and externally. Our people are the key to our success and we are proud of our diverse and inclusive working environment.

We are Connectors

Connection is at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s through connecting the communities we serve with our in depth knowledge or the linking of data to the projects for compliance and management purposes.