Biodiversity Initiative, NoreVision, uses Veri Software to Create a Data Driven Living Lab

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Project Outline

The NoreVision began as a consultation process in 2017, sponsored by LEADER Partnerships in Kilkenny, Laois, and South and North Tipperary. The ambitious initiative was overseen by a voluntary steering committee composed of community stakeholders such as landowners, development organisations, local authorities, and statutory agencies. 

Initially created to ensure the future of the River Nore, its tributaries, the land that drains into them, and the people who live and work along its banks, it has evolved over time into a Biodiversity Platform, engaging three counties and 1% of the 120,000 residents in the River Nore Catchment online and offline.


Requirements included 7 different types of ‘training in action’ across 4 partner regions.


Veri Connect was taken on to streamline the norevision biodiversity project. 


We developed a educational pack and app using Veri to monitor and digitize all communications.