"Without a good question,
a good answer has no place to go."

Clayton Christensen

Questions often asked by Potential Clients.

Do I need to buy additional equipment to use Veri? 
There will be no need to purchase additional equipment. Our award-winning software is cloud based and works on any computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Is the cost calculated per student/ per user/ per course? 
We work as a database per project so the cost can be put against the programme rather than the number of individual users.

What happens if I have an issue with the system and can’t figure out where I’m going wrong? 
One of our strongest assets we offer our clients is our customer service and support. To compliment your dedicated project manager we have an out-of-office hours support team who will always reply within 24 hours.

Can I have a login for Veri on my own website?
Yes you can have a login on your own website. We can enable you to have your own programme platform and even build your landing page website for you.

Is Veri suitable to use for QBS upload? 
We have worked closely with QQI to ensure our suitability. We are uploading thousands of brilliant QQI students every year to their QBS system.

Is Veri compatible with ETB’s TACS system? 
Our software creates a TAC’s report that automates the counting of minutes and hours, contains the evidence that is needed for back up and correlates data on terminations completions and reasons for nonattendance. We can also create a report for each student on their attendance history at the touch of a button.

Questions often asked by Users of Veri.

When a student is marked as ‘Dropped Out’ will they be removed as a student from the student list?

No, but the student will be redlined from reports.

If you add a skill competency by mistake can it be removed?
Yes, this can easily be undone.

Can one set of resource materials be used across multiple courses?
Yes, the resource materials only need to be uploaded once and then assigned to the appropriate courses. The resource materials are uploaded by Admin and used by Students and Tutors or Tutors alone.

The comments on feedback can be viewed by the learner?
There are options to make this for internal use or to be visible.

Can you track if a student is late or have to leave early for an appointment?
Veri allows amendments to be made to individual attendees’ start and finishing times. The hours are automatically calculated for the week so no more Friday timesheet terror or TACS calculations.

Does Veri detail the reasons for absences in line with the ETB TACS system?
Yes, our system is compliant with the ETB TACS system.

Do you have to start from the very beginning every time you create a new course?
No, once you have the perfect course set up this course can be cloned saving you time and money.

What happens if an admin, tutor, or learner forgets their passwords?
User passwords can be updated by a Super admin. Also, the user has access to a Forgotten Password option on the log-in screen.


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