Wild Work Biodiversity in an Urban Office

Category : Ellen Brophy

Biodiversity Initiative

It had been so long since the Veri offices had to extend hospitality to guests that we weren’t sure we would remember how. The purpose was a gathering of 4 local development companies, (SECAD Partnership (south Cork & west Cork), County Cavan Local Development  and West Limerick Resources), with a shared vision to carry on the ground breaking work that the Wild Work Biodiversity Initiative began in 2017.

A truly collaborative affair, the project falls under LEADER (EU Co-financed Rural Development Programme), and takes a unique approach to biodiversity conservation. When moving forward with plans, the 3 local development companies considered broader national and European environmental policies. The plan is innovative, scalable and most importantly focuses on bringing the wild back into people’s lives in a fun and engaging way.

For many of the attendees this was the first meeting of this scale that was face to face and everyone agreed that it was welcome and productive. We are big fans of anything online but to quote Shay Riordan, West Limerick Resources,

‘There are just some things you can’t do on zoom!’.

When proceedings moved from the office to the Hoban Hotel, we were joined by more contributors to the project both online and in person. Discussion groups were formed and some key actions were agreed. It was clear from the atmosphere in the room that there is passion behind this initiative. Everyone equally invested in making this initiative a success.

Delivering  LEADER Funded Training Nationwide

In the course of delivering biodiversity and water biodiversity courses over the length and breadth of the country we have learned that the pairing of technology and nature are ideal bedfellows. Working across territories with multiple courses, each with many modules and all  iterative in their design is where Veri excels. This is what we do best.

Facilitating sustainable tutor led  training delivery, online and on location, in a simplified, scalable and cost effective way.

From here on in, the efforts by all stakeholders are beginning to increase with launch dates being discussed and the content of the training being conceptualized, developed and created. A full communications strategy is on it’s way making sure that we get the message out to the right people, at the right time and in the right way. With 400 people expected to participate and engage with the ethos of  Wild Work we are excited to share what is being created.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to travel to Kilkenny. We hope it won’t be the last time that we have the opportunity to extend a warm welcome. Keep your eyes peeled for Wild Work…… coming soon!