What do Facebook and Veri have in Common?

Category : Ellen Brophy

Facebook the Software of Dreams

In terms of branding you can’t get any more recognisable than Facebook. The company which has been renamed as Meta also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. The software that Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his second year of college now has over 2.5 billion monthly users worldwide. It’s power and impact is unquestionable and every software developer dreams of creating the next Facebook. 

At first glance our software and Facebook don’t have much in common but at the core we are the same. Facebook began as a tool to digitise a paper process. 

Digitisation of a Paper Process

It’s not a concept that we are overly familiar with in Ireland but a ‘facebook’ is a student directory for colleges in the United States. It would include a picture of the student and some basic information. In 2003 there were no online facebooks and the information was distributed on paper. Zuckerberg thought this was silly and couldn’t understand why the college hadn’t put this in place. He claimed he could do it better than them and do it in a week. He did just that. He created a website that connected the students in Harvard, based on the paper version of a ‘facebook’ and the rest as they say is history.

It’s understandable to have reservations about any change but neglecting to explore digital solutions can prove costly for your business. The pandemic proved that. Those who had digital processes already in place were able to seamlessly continue to operate and those who didn’t had to pivot furiously to catch up.

Join the Progress

We want to provide our clients with the ability to connect with their tutors and learners effortlessly. The automation of repetitive tasks will free up time to focus on other aspect of the business. Having data at your fingertips when your accreditation or audit deadlines come around will transform how you deliver your programs. 

We may not be at 2.5 billion monthly users just yet but we are growing. Data driven training management is the future and we are here ready to get started when you are.