Peace Plus Programme

‘PEACEPLUS is a new European Union funding programme designed to support peace and prosperity across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland, building upon the work of the previous PEACE and INTERREG Programmes’.

Veri Connect has undertaken several different funded projects that fall under the categories within Peace Plus. Below are the six themes and three of which Veri Connect has prime case studies that they were involved in.

Theme 1

Building Peaceful and Thriving Communities

This range of investments will enable and empower communities through out. It will help communities that have fallen on difficult times, help communities to work together and come out stronger.

Theme 2

Delivering Economic Regeneration and Transformation

2.3 Programme Area Skills Development Programme (€35m)

This investment area will support area-based approaches, designed to address evidenced skills gaps aligned with national priorities. It will result in increased productivity and labour market participation by providing skilling and upskilling opportunities in sectors with existing and emerging skills requirements.

Veri Connect has worked with MentorsWork in this area. 

Theme 3


Empowering and Investing in Young People

3.2 PEACE PLUS Youth Programme (€45m).

This investment area will build the capacity of marginalised and disadvantaged young people within the Programme area, while enhancing their employability. Supported projects will incorporate the ‘one good adult’ approach.

Veri Connect worked on The impact project to target these young adult and help them achieve skills that will advance their lifes.

Theme 4

Healthy and Inclusive Communities

This range of investment will focus on helping social care services work together in the best way possible. 

It will help to rebuild and support communities focusing on individuals suffering from past Troubles.

Theme 5

Supporting a Sustainable and Better Connected Future

5.1 Biodiversity, Nature Recovery and Resilience (€15m)

5.3 Water Quality and Catchment Management (€21m)

5.4 Water Quality Improvement Programme (€32m)

This investment focuses on protecting wildlife and the nature around us. Projects are undertaken that help coastal areas and look after the quality of water in rivers and lake.

Veri connect worked on a big project with Nore Vision. This project reached several sub sections within this theme.

Theme 6

Building and Embedding Partnership and Collaboration

This investment focuses on helping people on both sides of the boarder. It helps organisations and local people to plan different projects together.