Managing your Christmas Quality System

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 ”A quality management system is a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction.”

At this time of year, we at Veri believe everyone could benefit from checking our “personal” quality system, as well as our business systems. Are you meeting your own requirements and enhancing your own satisfaction?
The month of December can bring stress in many guises. Shopping for presents. The perfect wrapping paper. The cost of Christmas and dealing with high expectations forced on us by social media. It can seem overwhelming and can ruin what should be a lovely festive period.

Can we change things this year?

Can we move away from doing what we’ve always done, and make smarter choices? The answer is of course yes! Changing management is always difficult, but as in business, you’ve got to start at the top! You make the decisions, so ultimately it’s your choice where to place your priorities. 

  • Start with a list – The staff at Veri love data! Prioritise your actions, then start to include layers – who can help you? Delegate out the tasks and begin to feel the weight of stress lifting. 
  • Learn to say no – Don’t over commit and leave no time to relax and enjoy! Think of it as saying “yes” to yourself.
  • Don’t leave it all to the last minute – Tick a task or two off your list every day and it all seems more manageable
  • Make a Budget – a realistic one and stick to it!
  • Don’t look at what everyone else is doing – Social media is not real life! All those pictures of amazing trees and fabulous decorations are a single second snap shot.. who knows what happened in the next second! (see pics!!)

Make things easier on yourself this year, you’ll feel better and everyone around you will too!

Noleen Neill, Business Development MAnager at Fioru Software Solutions