Heading West to Reflect on our Success.

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Heading West to Reflect on our Success.

My colleagues Michelle, Amanda and I all took some time out to head West over the past few weeks to celebrate the huge work of our clients Forum Connemara and Galway Rural Development. Their vision together with Lawpro was to create ambitious programmes to share skills and knowledge from our ecology team and develop action plans to animate small changes across the breath of beautiful regions. Over 300 people in total, with more than 100 in person and in online sessions, combined with high quality action plans. These are the visible outcomes to be brought forward for water quality and biodiversity improvements.

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On the 4 hour drive last week , with my hands free , the calls from work were coming thick and fast but as we crossed the county boarders it was apparent that the beauty and biodiversity around us were silently encouraging us to slow down.

Ambition is defined as ” A strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.”

I couldn’t help but ponder all the hard work that we embarked on with our clients. It was so apparent in the wonderful events we shared together with the participants and clients.


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As CEO of the company , I am so proud that at Veri Connect we empower companies and communities to undertake these type of ambitious programmes, reassured that Veri Connect will manage the complexities. Our clients take a leap by showing the ambition, we then streamline the process, augment communications via the digital dashboard and link the data to the projects for compliance and success. Allowing our clients to enjoy the journey by giving them the tools for successful completion.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, but sometimes we need to realise that we can’t always sustain constant hard work . The demands of business, family and emotional life, often mean that we have to slow  down a little and enjoy smelling the roses of success. Like we did at the Wild Goat Café last week!

The time in the west of Ireland showed me the value in connecting communities, networking and peer learning. Also it made me realise that when the opportunity came up, extending my stay in this beautiful part of the country for an additional 24 hours of slow down allowed me to recharge and be ready to head off again. It gave me time to reflect and focus, ready to enable effective programme delivery and compliance in a sustainable way through digitisation once again.

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At Veri Connect the software is only the beginning…….We enable effective programme delivery and compliance in a sustainable way through digitisation. Sustainability is core to our work. By removing paperwork from compliance and training delivery, we are passionate about making the communities and businesses we serve more environmentally responsible . We supply training management software for businesses in the public and private sector who need to capture data about their existing programmes. We also have an in house development team who build industry specific custom training solutions for large organisations who need something more bespoke. Finally, we provide training programme management and deliver training for large training programmes. Our key areas are employability, mentorship and biodiversity.