5 Reasons You Should Consider Digitisation.

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The old adage, it’s not done until you have it written down, is more apt now than ever. We are accountable for every action and must be able to produce the records to prove that the work has been completed. This process is costly. The data contained within these records are the lifeline of any operation. The insight and knowledge that could be gained for a business is wasted in the back of a filing cabinet somewhere. Despite evidence to the contrary many industries still rely on paper records.
The traditional paper records have numerous challenges from security to storage management.  A little research will show that the move to an effective paperless solution will greatly improve business but how?

  • Access

A digital solution will allow information to be shared with ease. In our case Veri can be accessed from any device and any data reviewed in real time. This also means no more searching in the back of a filing cabinet for a vital piece of information. The International Data Corporation reported that a worker spends up to 2.5 hours a day searching for information.

  • Security

It is often the view that a digital system is the more risky option. This is not the case. It is not easy to track each person that accesses a paper file. This means that people can access files without permission and even duplicate them without anyone finding out. A digital solution erases that risk. It also reduces the risk of files being damaged or stolen.

  • Reduce Waste

The earth is our most precious resource and the amount of paper used is having a big impact. If you can imagine creating a document that needs to be shared with 30 students on a training course. Each document has 20 pages. That is a substantial amount of paper. That process is repeated year after year. Digitize these processes and all that paper waste is cancelled.

  • Data Literacy

Time and resources are spent gathering data daily. Ideally we should be able to take value from this information. Subsequently creating effective processes that enhance productivity. The paper trail makes this very difficult. It’s time consuming to find data from years ago and even more time is spent correlating it. Digital solutions can do all this with ease and in an instant. This information can lead to vast improvements in your business.

  • Save Money

Who doesn’t want to cut costs? This can go back to access. How much resources are wasted looking for documents? When it comes to audits staff are often paid overtime to complete time consuming searches for relevant documentation. The right digital solution will remove that cost. It will also reduce the cost associated with the secure storage of files. In some cases a move to a digital solution has allowed businesses to downsize their premises resulting in huge savings.
There is a cost involved when moving to a digital solution but it will save you time and money in the long run. In fact in may even gain you business moving forward.

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